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Another Opening Day in Miami.

Opening Day.

That just about says it all. The dreams, the realities, the hope and the beauty of our fair city on Opening Day. I love you Miami!

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Vs. System’s Best Ever: Plot Twists.


I have a swarm of reasons to pick Infestation as my Number One Vs. System Plot Twist of All Time. Not the least of these is the night the bugs beat the New York Yankees. But I digress.


1. Infestation.

This card can easily swing for 60 on turn five. Clear a path to the face and you will have a cloud of wings big enough to blot out the Sun.


2. Primary Directive.

I was the first player in Vs. System history to draw his entire deck during a $10K or Pro Circuit event, and this obscure masterpiece was my partner. Draw ten cards, play another Primary, draw ten cards, play a third, draw ten cards if you have that many left, throw down the fourth while laughing uncontrollably, and slap your palm on the table. It takes finesse to maximize the flood, but when it hits there is nothing else like it in the game.


3. X-Babies Attack.

I still have no clue to the mystery of the appearance of this card in the Marvel Evolution set. When did the X-Babies ever crossover into the Exiles, et al? Seems like a direct hat tip, definitely designed with one-cost army gravy in mind. When it comes to a custom-tailored Stu-flavored “best card I can imagine them making”… this is my kind.


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Barack Obama loves the Rays.

What perfect timing.  From an awesome article by Scott Helman on boston.com:

Thanks, senator, we really needed a reminder.

Barack Obama is campaigning today in, of all places, Tampa, where Red Sox fans’ hearts were broken last night in a season-ending Game 7 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays. Oh, well, we pushed them to the brink, right?

As if the dateline from Obama’s event wasn’t enough salt in the wound, he chose a half-dozen Rays players to introduce him, including relief pitcher David Price, who closed the door on the Sox in the late innings. The players basked in their win, and helped Obama make a pitch for early voting, which begins today in Florida.

“Give it up for the Rays!” Obama said to cheers after giving high-fives and hugs to Price and his cohorts.

Oh, and if you didn’t think this was torture enough, this all happened at (gulp) George Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, the winter home to the New York Yankees.

“I have said from the beginning that I am a unity candidate, bringing people together,” Obama said. “So when you see a White Sox fan showing love to the Rays, and the Rays showing some love back, you know we’re onto something right here.”

Obama joked that he was going to get a mohawk, in solidarity. “My political advisers said they weren’t sure how that was going to play with swing voters,” he said.

He doesn’t have enough hair for a proper mohawk, but he sure was in the right place at the right time for some good lovin’.


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Yankees Lose! Yankees Lose! Yankees Lose!

Feels like 2003 all over again…

It is done.  13 consecutive years of playoffs, 240 million dollars spent on salaries in one season, and the New York Yankees will be watching the postseason on the couch.  Alex Rodriguez made more money than the entire Florida Marlins team this year, and it did not pay off.



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The Party is about to begin…

What is the best moment of the year to celebrate in our house?  The night the New York Yankees get eliminated from the playoffs, of course!

It could be tonight, it could be tomorrow, but it will happen within the next couple days.

Champagne on ice, open invitation to anyone who wants to show up.  Join us in person, join us in spirit, just join us in the bawdy bonanza as the bloated bombers go down once again.  See you then!

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Opening Day in Miami. Ahhh.

Opening Day.

That just about says it all.  The dreams, the realities, the hope and the beauty of our fair city on Opening Day.  I love you Miami!

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Parting Shot.

closer  frontpage

Wow.  Here I was, getting ready to log off for a long weekend of non-electronic recreation and recovery, and what happens?  I get quoted the front page of the Sporting News, talking smack about the bad guys.  I love this life.

Now I really am signing off for the weekend.  I’ll meet you back here on Monday.  Be well.

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Oh Happy Day!


(non-biting midge from Ryan Garko’s playoff blog at mlb.com)

Whew.  It was one of those weekends.  Actually, it carried over into Tuesday morning… with another year’s worth of fabulously failed New York Yankees. 


If the bliss wears off later today, you may get more out of me.  For now I glow.

In the meantime while you are wondering if I will ever come down, click the new links on the side of this page.  The Vs. System blogosphere is expanding exponentially.  Good times are waiting in the wings.


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