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Okami + MvC3 = Bliss.

It has been exactly one month since that fateful day. It was revealed that Amaterasu, the brilliant she-wolf from Okami, will be a featured playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. For those of you that don’t speak Playstationese, this is a very very very good thing.

In honor of one of the top three video game characters ever created, we present the best Okami artwork from the deviant art contest last year, for your eyepopping pleasure. Enjoy.

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Okami Forever.


Certain things fill me with such exquisite bliss that I cannot help but burst with gratitude for the chance to be a human being.

Okami is one of those things.

Widely regarded as the greatest single video game ever created for the Playstation 2, this incomparable Capcom masterpiece also inspired a deviant art contest last year.

Expect much more Okami on these pages in the coming weeks. For now I leave you with my favorite fan-based interpretations. Bloom the world around you.





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