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Are We There Yet?

It’s the last day of Crime Lords Month.  It’s been seven months straight for this blog, non-stop documenting the verities of my existence.  It’s time to take stock.

I don’t think we ever really “get there”.  Even on the days we win the trophy, or preview the Squirrel Girl, or hear the final bell at the end of the last day of school…

It starts all over again. 

We carry the parenthesis around in our heads.  We select certain sections.  We choose a portion of the immeasurable thing called life, and we glorify it.  It feels good.  It gives us a reason to carry on.  It shapes the self.

When all seems lost, when I cannot get a handle on the endless demands of modern life, I make myself into a legend.  I realize that no character in the history of mankind has ever lived a life exactly like THIS.  I remember certain times and places in my life when it seemed like I had “arrived”.  I revisit the sensation of accomplishment and satisfaction I had whenever I reached a certain pinnacle, and I stand on the mountaintop again right where I am sitting here now.  Returning to the scene of a great triumph in the past always makes me feel better about the present and gets me fired up for the future.

Whether we ever get there or not.


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