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Obama Superhero Cartoon!

JibJab rules the tubes. The best animators on Earth have now created a Barack Obama Superhero masterpiece. Enjoy.

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Iran is won, it is only a matter of time.

The first segment of the Rachel Maddow show last night was one of the most inspiring things I have seen. It gave strong evidence that the opposition movement in Iran is on the verge of victory. It was so good that I want to re-phrase it in my own words.

It started with the eight Iranian soccer players that wore green accessories to show their support for the movement. There were words about their courage, and the risks they were taking.

There was coverage of the marches, including one of the most amazing protests I have ever seen on film. There were no chants. They marched in silence. They were totally coordinated and controlled. When the state police riot squad showed up, they passed the word quietly. They did not throw rocks. They did not hurl insults.

They all sat down.

The guest explained the inner workings of Ayatollah politics, and that was the thing that convinced me that this battle is won. He said that the days of mourning that are beginning today mark a tidal wave that will not be quelled. The protestors that have been killed so far will be honored as martyrs. There will be more deaths today, and another day of mourning tomorrow. And so on. And so on, until the government is overthrown.

Perhaps the most amazing part was the fact that Ayatollah Khamenei is pretty low on the spiritual totem pole when it comes to power from God. One of the Ayatollahs above him has made it a mortal sin to fix elections. Another is supporting the opposition. The guys that are closest to God seem to be ready for a change.

Anyway, that’s my version of Rachel’s amazing show. Click the link and watch it if you missed it last night. It’s a great day to be a freedom fighter.


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President’s Day for the Win!


This is the first time in my current 47 years that I feel a direct connection to our Commander in Chief. Looking back on the campaign, it is a very special time to be an American.

Especially since Captain America’s lost shield has finally been revealed.

Happy President’s Day, to one and all!


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Marvel Comics Teams Up Obama with Spider-Man!

Obama Spider-Man

He was born 33 days after me, and we both geek on superheroes.

Now he gets to pal around with Peter Parker.

Barack Obama collected Spider-Man comics as a child, so Marvel Comics wanted to give him a “shout-out back” by featuring him in a bonus story, said Joe Quesada, Marvel’s editor-in-chief.

“How great is that? The commander in chief to be is actually a nerd in chief,” Quesada said. “It was really, really cool to see that we had a geek in the White House. We’re all thrilled with that.”

Thrilled? More like ecstatic. Comic books are our modern myths, and our real-life political hero is about to become legend.

Obama has said that as a child, he collected Spider-Man and Conan the Barbarian comic books. His Senate Web site used to have a photo of him posing in front of a Superman statue.

The Obama story is a bonus in Marvel Comic’s Amazing Spider-Man #583, available in comic book shops nationwide on Jan. 14 for $3.99 and is expected to sell out, with half the covers devoted to Obama.

So what do you think? Is this too much? The crass commercialization of a movement? Pop culture overload? Or…

Is this cool, or what?



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The Intense Reality of Online Community.


(Magnificent Mantis by Lisi4ka.)

I don’t know about you, but I have quite a few lasting mental scars from hanging around internet message boards for way too long. No matter what the website, no matter what the topic, there will inevitably be messy savage conflict.

It’s human nature combined with layers of anonymity and it gets ugly real quick.

Today, on the Daily Kos website, someone named The Termite encapsulated the experience quite nicely.

Not for the squeamish, totally real:

You know what it reminds me of?  It reminds me of the time we bought our daughter a praying mantis habitat and a bunch of praying mantis larvae.

The larvae hatched one day, and we poured the seething throng of mantises from the tube they came in and into their new home — an 18-inch cube with a zipper and clear plastic sides.  That night, they went totally Israel/Palestine on each other.  We awoke to carnage.

It was a mantis massacre.  What had started as 150 newborn insects, all indistinguishable from each other, was now a landscape strewn with bug heads, bug legs, bug torsos.  They had attacked and eaten each other, as is apparently their wont.  Only six of them remained alive, clinging to the sides of their habitat, their eyes wide with abject “what the **** was that?” terror.

I don’t have the stomach for this nonsense.  For watching liberals eat each other.

Whether it is liberals on a political site, or gamers on a gaming site, or anyone on an anyone site, people tend to aim for the virtual throat.

Maybe we could all agree on a New Year’s resolution. Allow others to have their opinions, without attacking full force every time we disagree.

Sounds like a plan.


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Limited Edition Obama Winter Hat is The Coolness.


 Yikes, there goes all my shopping money. My list is done. Donate $25 to the Democratic National Committee and give The Coolness to everyone you know.

Ho, Ho, Ho!

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Superheroes in Love: Barack and Michelle Save the World!


Something has happened to love. Over the course of history, it has gotten distilled.

Sanskrit has 96 words for love; ancient Persian has 80; Greek has 3; and English has only 1. Modern man continues to experience an infinite variety of emotional states, but a single 4-letter word has taken them all upon its back.

That is a heavy responsibility for such a little word. Love is strong; it does not shy away from the challenge. Love is alive today in every place on Earth. We can even find it flourishing in Vs. System.

Vs. System is a trading card game blueprint that builds its walls with myth. Comic book superheroes provide the most powerful and longest-lasting myths of history’s Modern Age. Our pulp-based heroes and villains do not command our worship, but they do command our attention.

If we want to remember what it was like to honor myths as deities and partners, we simply need to look to Ancient Greece. During that age, people didn’t just play on the kitchen table with cardboard representations of their heroes—they interacted with them directly.

Although we have, for the most part, lost our belief in the power of mythological gods and goddesses, we still derive hours of entertainment from our modern imaginary superheroes—and they still get frisky when it comes to love.


That introduction was written for Valentines Day two years ago on the mothership. This morning I was inspired to dig it up in honor of a real-life superhero couple that is on the verge of saving the day for the whole world.


Vidya Rao has written a spectacular article for NBC’s Today Show website, documenting the overwhelming sense of revolutionary love that we have been getting ever since Barack and Michelle Obama first burst into the public spotlight together during the Democratic primaries.


It started with the fist bump seen ’round the world. Soon there were stories of rousing family Scrabble battles and date nights, in spite of election mayhem. Then President-elect Barack Obama referred to his wife Michelle as “the love of my life” during his election night victory speech, embracing her tightly and kissing her afterwards, while millions of people worldwide watched.

“They took a moment to face each other, to kiss and hold one another, regardless of the magnitude and spectacle of the night,” said Camille Washington, a Bay Area blogger on Soulbounce.com, a music and culture site. “That says a lot.”

The Obamas represent a welcome change as an openly affectionate and romantic couple for many Americans. Some experts say that the soon-to-be first couple embody the ideal healthy relationship, and that they can stir up love around the country.

“Michelle and Barack are so obviously in love it’s actually helping me to believe in love again.”


We could not agree more, and it is one of the main reasons we put everything we had into getting these superheroes into the White House. Sure, they are just people like you and me, but they will be role models for an entire planet… and beyond.

Kathlyn Hendricks, author of several books including “Conscious Loving” and “Lasting Love.”, says…

“The model of harmony, shared humor and easy communication that the Obamas reveal really is a new model — if ordinary citizens practiced this each day, our world would transform very quickly in positive directions.


It is, perhaps, the most exciting part of the Legacy Content being created by our new President-Elect. Love returns to the highest office in the world, and its healing power washes over every human being. If the aliens are watching, they will surely see a change in the energy field. Which leads me to a question.

mhg118 mun0771 dgl-197

Which comic book characters have the healthiest relationships, and what superheroes do Barack and Michelle Obama most closely embody with their love?



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President Obama, the Artist.


My formal education was focused on Fine Arts, yet I consider every person an artist. No matter what you do or how you do it, you have your own sense of style.

But.  If we do not rescue the Arts at this turning point in our nation’s history, our cultural identity will be reduced to basic marketing and data processing. We will all still be artists, but we won’t be any good.

When it comes to the visual arts and Arts education, we are in trouble. The struggling economy combines with an emphasis on high-stakes standardized tests to strangle the creativity from our national voice. Arts programs and teachers are being cut from the system like blooming branches, leaving nothing but a bare trunk.

That is the main reason I focused all the energies I had on electing Barack Obama as President of the United States. After our completely exhausting, yet utterly satisfying victory, the new website change.gov was launched. I rushed over to see how the platform for the Arts contained in my first link had been preserved. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

Before I go any further, I would like to introduce the work of Michael Murphy, exhibited in the Blackridge Gallery at Georgia College & University. The magnificent drawing at the top of this post is his, and his wire sculpture knocks my socks off.  Mike was gracious enough to give me permission to host his stuff here, but you really need to visit his site to get the full effect. Again, that’s www.mmike.com. It will enrich your soul.

The swirling uncontrolled greed that George W. Bush and his cronies unleashed on our nation has depleted the resources necessary for the Arts to thrive in our schools. Barack Obama understands that “The Art Spirit” needs to have a home in education and in our culture as a whole. He clarified his position a bit more within an issues page on change.gov, and he actually admitted that he considers himself an artist!

Barack Obama’s Plan


Our nation’s creativity has filled the world’s libraries, museums, recital halls, movie houses, and marketplaces with works of genius. The arts embody the American spirit of self-definition. As the author of two best-selling books – Dreams from My Father and The Audacity of Hope – Barack Obama uniquely appreciates the role and value of creative expression.

At first I was conflicted. Whoever wrote “as the author of two best-selling books” should have known how crass and common that pitch would sound. When I calmed down enough to understand what it was trying to say (taking out the “best-selling” would help for me) I realized that basically…

Our new President Elect considers himself an artist. As should we all.

John Lee took that photograph. It was two years ago, as Barack the Artist was sharing his work with an appreciative audience during a book signing. His chosen medium has changed drastically in 24 months. He will now be molding the clay of the entire planet.

Of course the tiny blurb about the Arts on the new website is nothing substantial. It is still more than we have heard from anyone this close to the ability to enact real change. Combined with the call for feedback sitting one click away from it on the page, it is more than enough for me.

Our cries have been heard, and understood, and championed by a fellow creative soul. President Obama, we salute you. Artist to artist.

By Joe Raedle, right down here in Miami.

By schwa242 at deviantart.com.

By artumus-gonzo at deviantart.com.

By roberlan at deviantart.com.

Whatever your style, whatever your most important issue, make sure you click around on change.gov until you find something to add to the new national suggestion box. There is a new day rising for feedback between the government and its people. Be creative with it, and express yourself. We are all artists in our own way. And now we have a President who understands that.


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Barack Obama is President of the United States of America: Hard Working Chaos Magick for the win.


I have never felt anything quite like this. I have never worked this hard for a presidential campaign. I have never been this excited for our country.

America is on the verge of a glorious new chapter in her history, and I am thrilled to say I was a small part of Barack Obama’s victory.

Chaos Magick comes in all flavors. This one is a hoot:

Most of the phone banking I did was focused on Ohio. The Buckeye State. The most bologna state in the union. The place I grew up. I remember going to Ohio Stadium to see Archie Griffin win two consecutive Heisman trophies. Ohio has never made me more proud than I am tonight.


There are many, many marvelous memories from this campaign. None more powerful and poignant than the blissful fistbump. Let’s salute all the effort it took to get here America, the celebration will expand all the way into the history books.


Barack Obama is President of the United States of America. Party on!



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The first election results are in!


Tiny Dixville, New Hampshire, is done voting in the 2008 presidential election.


Barack Obama 15

John McCain 6

Compare that to previous elections:


Bush 19
Kerry 7


Bush 21
Gore 5


Dole 18
Clinton 8


Bush 15
Perot 8
Clinton 2


Bush 34
Dukakis 3

Barack is the first Democrat to win there since 1968. Wow. The final results of this campaign could be absolutely stunning.


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Obama for the Arts.

(Art from zeushadesposeidon)

It feels rather fitting. Here we are near the finish line, and the biggest reason I have been working so hard for Barack Obama has finally hit the interwebs big time.

Raymond J. Learsy spells it out on HuffPo.

As never before, in this century of instant communication and the dissemination of information, it is the culture of a people, of a nation that portends its influence and its standing throughout the world. Yes, armaments and weaponry still count, as does economic might, but who we are and what are our values are will have far greater impact in the minds of friend and adversary alike. And it is our art, our culture of today, playwrights and actors, our song writers and musicians, our choreographers and dancers, our poets and writers, our artists and museum curators, our filmmakers and our art visionaries of every kind. This is the America the world is keenly interested in learning more about, hearing, seeing, feeling, experiencing. It is also one of our great strengths. This is a talented and gifted land with vast reservoirs of energy to create and dream.

(Art from Le Silly)

As an artist, and even more as an art educator, I have never had this much hope in a presidential candidate. Barack Obama actually has a fully fleshed platform for the Arts:

To remain competitive in the global economy, America needs to reinvigorate the kind of creativity and innovation that has made this country great. To do so, we must nourish our children’s creative skills. In addition to giving our children the science and math skills they need to compete in the new global context, we should also encourage the ability to think creatively that comes from a meaningful arts education.

Unfortunately, many school districts are cutting instructional time for art and music education. Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe that the arts should be a central part of effective teaching and learning.

The Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts recently said “The purpose of arts education is not to produce more artists, though that is a byproduct. The real purpose of arts education is to create complete human beings capable of leading successful and productive lives in a free society.”

(Art from a35mmlife)

Yes, that quote is part of the official Obama platform. I did not write that myself, and I did not pull it from an Arts Education magazine. This campaign actually understands what is necessary to regain America’s creative spirit. And they plan to do something about it.

(Art from Rudloff)

I have been phone banking my ear off these last precious days, and I consistently get parents who agree with this stance. The schools are losing all the enhancement programs that give their children an expanded sense of self. Clubs and music and art and dance and drama programs are being thrown away because of the tragic Bush economy and the criminally short sighted focus on high stakes standardized tests. Parents know how limited their childrens’ education has become. It’s time to do something about it.

(Art from craynol)

Barack Obama’s plan has three specific tactics, but his strategy will encourage all of us to get creative with the solutions to the real “culture war”. Here are the three seeds.

Expand Public/Private Partnerships Between Schools and Arts Organizations: Barack Obama and Joe Biden will increase resources for the U.S. Department of Education’s Arts Education Model Development and Dissemination Grants, which develop public/private partnerships between schools and arts organizations. They will also engage the foundation and corporate community to increase support for public/private partnerships.

Create an Artist Corps: Barack Obama and Joe Biden support the creation of an “Artists Corps” of young artists trained to work in low-income schools and their communities. Studies in Chicago have demonstrated that test scores improved faster for students enrolled in low-income schools that link arts across the curriculum than scores for students in schools lacking such programs.

Publicly Champion the Importance of Arts Education: As president, Barack Obama will use the bully pulpit and the example he will set in the White House to promote the importance of arts and arts education in America. Not only is arts education indispensable for success in a rapidly changing, high skill, information economy, but studies show that arts education raises test scores in other subject areas as well.

(Art from tsevis)

All of those are great ideas, and the Art Corps in particular sends exquisite chills through my body – directly to my creative spirit. And it gets me itching for the phone bank. We must win this, for our children and the cultural health of our nation. Hit the phones with me if you can. And, if you need yet another great reason for people to vote for Barack, stress the Arts.

We are on the right side of history, and it feels rather fitting that the final days of the campaign, for me, will be focused on this.

One last quote, from Raymond Learsy:

In Senator Obama’s opinion it appears the arts have become essential to reengage our standing in the world. According to an article in Bloomberg, he is the first White House contender to include a far- reaching arts-plank in his platform. Quoting Robert Lynch, president and chief executive officer of “Americans for the Arts” a highly respected Washington based arts advocacy group, “no presidential candidate in recent times has addressed cultural issues in such detail.”

(Art from january20th2009)


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Barack Obama loves the Rays.

What perfect timing.  From an awesome article by Scott Helman on boston.com:

Thanks, senator, we really needed a reminder.

Barack Obama is campaigning today in, of all places, Tampa, where Red Sox fans’ hearts were broken last night in a season-ending Game 7 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays. Oh, well, we pushed them to the brink, right?

As if the dateline from Obama’s event wasn’t enough salt in the wound, he chose a half-dozen Rays players to introduce him, including relief pitcher David Price, who closed the door on the Sox in the late innings. The players basked in their win, and helped Obama make a pitch for early voting, which begins today in Florida.

“Give it up for the Rays!” Obama said to cheers after giving high-fives and hugs to Price and his cohorts.

Oh, and if you didn’t think this was torture enough, this all happened at (gulp) George Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, the winter home to the New York Yankees.

“I have said from the beginning that I am a unity candidate, bringing people together,” Obama said. “So when you see a White Sox fan showing love to the Rays, and the Rays showing some love back, you know we’re onto something right here.”

Obama joked that he was going to get a mohawk, in solidarity. “My political advisers said they weren’t sure how that was going to play with swing voters,” he said.

He doesn’t have enough hair for a proper mohawk, but he sure was in the right place at the right time for some good lovin’.


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