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Age of Apocalypse Preview: Second Wave.


(Original art Rogue sketch cards by jessasketch.)

Vs. System is getting a second wind, and today I have the honor of previewing its new fan-created Second Wave. The card is pretty amazing. Not only does it bring some of the most pure power ever for the one-cost army freaks among us, it features our darling Rogue.


Yes, my War Paint just got its wish. All those Infernal Minions wallowing in the graveyard are dancing wildly in response. While I go tell Tattooed Man about our good fortune, you can head over to TCGplayer.com and upgrade your favorite flavors with the new Age of Apocalypse raid deck.

It will put the wind back in your sails.



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Full Disclosure: Quinjet MEQ-022


Every man wants to drive the best vehicle in the world. If you are lucky enough to be an Avenger or a Vs. System fanatic, your desires will be fulfilled.




That is the original Vs. System Quinjet. It did not see much play, but when I was surfing around to research this preview above all previews, thanks to Adam “Flashback81” Kirkby, I realized that it is already immortal.

On the gamefaqs forums, I found a treasure. See, the Marvel Trading Card video game includes Vs. System puzzles. Much like my Barn Door Challenges and Flashback81’s brain teasers back in the glory days, you must use your wits to solve some of the most entertaining dilemmas using our beloved cards. This one actually demands the searching and usage of Quinjet:




1) Recruit APE X, place front row, choose QUINJET.
2) Recruit NATASHA ROMANOFF, say YES to putting another card in resource row and place ANY CARD except LEGENDARY BATTLES or QUINJET, place NATASHA in any row.
3) Recruit THERMITE, say YES to putting another card in resource row and place whichever card you have left besides LEGENDARY BATTLES or QUINJET, place THERMITE in either row.
5) Equip QUINJET to any of your attackers.

Pass until COMBAT PHASE.

1) Team attack MR. FANTASTIC with APE X, NATASHA ROMANOFF, and THERMITE don’t finish out attack chain stop passing when your attackers exhaust.
2) Play LEGENDARY BATTLES and advance attack chain.
3) Trigger effects in any order, select INVISIBLE WOMAN, say YES to stunning character.

Brilliant, magnificent fun. That, however, is not the reason you are here. Is it? No, you want to see one of the lost MEQ prize cards. Your wish is my command.


Wow. What a powerhouse. The best vehicle ever printed. The most brain-bursting possiblities that Vs. System has ever seen. Each attack, on both sides of the board, will never be the same. I can move any number of dudes? And give them flight and reinforcement to boot? Can you say “Coast City”? Yes please.

Quinjet, Mighty Machine, you remind me so much of Rocket Racer. And that, of course, reminds me of…


…  the single sickest deck in Vs. System history.

Click that link and fly with me back to the Random Punks Greatest Hits. Imagine the infinite possibile destinations that we can visit in our new Quinjet. Then take a deep breath and hit the comment section so we can groove on our new ride. It’s a great day to be alive, especially for us Vs. System fanatics.

(And tomorrow gets even better with another exclusive Lost MEQ preview on the Orange Soda Man’s blog. Check it check it out!)


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VS: Full Disclosure.


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Marvel Universe Preview: Squirrel Girl and S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents.

Where were you in 1992?

Did you know that Deadpool wears the Squirrel Girl underoo?

Can you imagine a more exciting day for Stu?



Yes, my dear Vs. System friends, that card is real. I am not imagining things. After four long years and 16 full expansion sets, she is finally here. Something squirrelly this way comes.

Her first appearance was actually called “The Coming of Squirrel Girl”, and she wiggled her bushy mythological tail into the face of humanity’s collective imagination 16 years ago, in the pages of Marvel Super-Heroes #8, in 1992.

Tree-rodent lovers went nuts.

The myth of Squirrel Girl is deeply delicious tongue-in-cheek hyperbole. She wins every time, against the most powerful villains ever. This hairy honey is mad famous. You can find fanboys arguing daily about who she can beat in a fight. Those links make me laugh out loud every time. Especially these lines:

Fanboy #1: Squirrel Girl is Marvel’s Batman. She beats people she shouldn’t be able to beat.

Fanboy #2: No, Squirrel Girl is Marvel’s Squirrel Girl. She beats everyone.

That’s my girl. And now she takes her rightful place on Vs. System cardboard forever. She is known, in panel, as the “Slayer Of All That Breathes.” Don’t believe me? Feast your eyes:


Squirrel Girl trumps all, in the comic books. Now in Vs. System, she enlists S.H.I.E.L.D. army weenies with glee and then teaches them how to scamper back into your hand when neccesary. Like… in response to a big green Flame Trap! Just try to fry my guy, Mr. Hulk, Green Scar. A whole swarm of tree-rodents will be laughing last.


My mind reels, running down the huge list of 1-cost army characters that are begging to be teamed-up with Squirrel Girl. Especially drool-inducing to me: Anti-Green Lanterns. Those sweet little pink lugs will be DEADLY in combination with Doreen Green. I could talk all night about more crossover possibilities, but what do Squirrel Girl’s own naturally affiliated army dudes do? Lock and load:



“Burn baby burn, Squirrel Girl Inferno!” Yes sir, those mammals have guns. They also have a S.H.I.E.L.D. strategy suite to complement their lack of ATK. If you haven’t seen the Nick Fury card, it makes the whole scheme into a 1-cost Army masterpiece.

I have been tap dancing in and out of the trees around my house for a week, mostly because neither of these cards are rare. With the announcement that Modern Age for the World Championships on June 27th will include the Marvel Universe booster set, I have also been going nuts trying to figure out the best way to play in Ohio with our fluffy little Doreen Green. Join me in the comments, and we will explore the wonders of Squirrel Girl even further.


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