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Exploding Love.

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So this is it. I start a “blog”.

Where should I begin?  The beginning, obviously.

The name is Rian Fike.

Born in Toledo on the same day same year as Princess Diana.  Grew up in Central Ohio, mostly in Newark.  I am a jerk from Nerk, yes I am.  Moved to Miami in 1972 when my dad got a job as a Professor of Social Work at Barry College.  They call it a University now, but it’s still barely college to me.  A child of the seventies, I am warped.

I have been teaching Art in the Miami public schools for 24 years.  Five years at Liberty City Elementary, eight at Allapattah Middle, now eleven at School for Applied Technology which is an alternative high school.

I started playing Magic the Gathering for fun about eight years ago, and when Upper Deck announced they were developing a Trading Card Game with spandexed superheroes and villains… I jumped face first with everything I had.  Now I have a weekly writing gig and I love it.  Check out my weekly column called Risk Vs. Reward at:


I am all about the love.  You will get more about that soon.

Welcome to my new thing.  This is gonna be good.

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