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Wallowing in Disgaea.


That’s the whole Disgaea crew, as colored by Shun. We have been jumping around on little boxes and busting giant spells for a few days, and so far our favorite move is the Archery skill called the Sturmhimmel. It splits the screen in half diagonally, with the real-time fireworks occurring only in the bottom left half of the screen. The character who is using the bow appears in a rosy illustration on the top right half, posed as a killer cupid.

I have only accomplished the skill with Laharl. I assume that other characters who level up with the bow will have a different floating arrow illustration.

We will level up another dude with a bow by tomorrow either way and find out. If each character class has its own frozen archer version, that will be our first alternate win condition. To get all the little angel pictures and post them here on the blog.

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