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SDCC 2009 Is On, Comic-Con Craziness Ensues.


There was a major scuffle at the front of the line. The middle-aged women who had been waiting all night to demand that Edward produce a REAL birth certificate and prove that he was an American citizen… wait. Wrong wackos.

Seriously, get this. As security guards were trying to keep order amongst the faithful who had given a whole day of their life to see Twilight’s New Moon flashed first, some of the younger, smarter fans computed the error of their ways. The rule: You can save a space for three other people in line. The girls: “So, like, if one of those three people saves three more spaces, and, like, one of those saves three more…”

Security guard, pwnd.

Wanna see the coolest thing we have seen so far? You know the graphic novel called The Red Star? The one with Maya Antares, that hot Russian witch? The one they made into a video game? Check out the convention-exclusive shoes.




Believe me, those will get broken in rather quickly this weekend.

Finally, a strange coincidence. Our beloved local heroes, the Florida Marlins baseball club, will actually be in the house. It seems their schedule smiled, and they have a day off just in time for Comiccon, while they are in town to play the Padres. Forget James Cameron, skip Tim Burton. Get me a Hanley Ramirez autograph if you get a chance. Thanks.



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