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It’s an omen. It could be an omen.


I had a serendipitous encounter with a giant spotted eagle ray this morning in the lake outside our building. It provided a very uplifting message. I will share the whole story soon.

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Beyond My Control.


That is an image I created for Full Body Transplant back in the days we were making plastic body armor.  I have no idea why it pixelated so drastically when I re-sized it.  If you click on the barely recognizable image you will see my idea of high fashion in its full glory.  Be careful if you are at work, it is rather racy.

It was some kind of happy accident that caused that picture to go all fuzzy.  The things we cannot control hold the greatest potential for transcendance. 

Yesterday, thanks to Thursday Thirteen, I gained a real life connection to one of my lifelong heroes.  It just happened, I didn’t have any control over it.  Vaughn Bode’s niece runs a beautiful blog about books and life.  We found each other through total electronic serendipity.  We are now fast friends. 

My life will never be the same, and all I did was follow the chaos of another fine moment on the interwebs.  Lovely.


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