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Please Participate In Our New Project.

The identity of that magical miniature masterpiece can now be revealed. It is an original art sketch card included in the Marvel Heroes and Villains set from Rittenhouse Archives. It was painted by Gooney Toons and it features me as Doctor Strange!

In honor of its creation, we have started a whole new world. Please join us here:

The Sketchcard Saloon

There is a wild party going on, and we would love to have you along for the ride.

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His work speaks for itself, and it is one of the loudest visual screams in the world. He has a website under construction but so far it does not contain a gallery:


Therefore and forthwith we give you a mind-blowing pile of the Marvel Masterpieces of Nar. Your eyes will never be the same.

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Two-tone Tuesday.





I have showcased original art from the sketch cards randomly inserted in Upper Deck’s Marvel Masterpieces many times before, but today we start a new tradition.

Tw0-tone Tuesdays are here.

Our first artist is Otis Frampton, with his very distinct style.

Those make me grin from ear to ear, but obviously Two-tone Tuesday’s can’t be a solo act. Therefore, I will tickle you into a two-tone tizzy by signing off with some similarly simple pallette action from Pat Carlucci.

If you dig this stuff and can’t get enough just like me, head on over to deviantart.com and search for Marvel Masterpieces and see. You’ll be glad you did.


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Weekly Wonder Word: Masterpieces


So there you have it. A mini-portofolio of tiny masterpieces from sauceboy.

I believe that each human life is a masterpiece. Too bad it is so difficult for people to experience and maintain that perspective.

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Pick a card, any card.





Those are original sketch cards by Jeff Victor.  They were inserted randomly in the Marvel Masterpieces packs. They remind me so much of my day today.

I have been teaching my elementary school Art students to design their own card games, and watching them thrill with glee as they trade the Vs. System cards that I give them as rewards.

I love my job.


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