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Promethea Reborn.


Alan Moore’s Promethea is the only comic book that I ever followed religiously from issue to issue running like a madman to the store each month a new issue came out and following each sequential panel with baited breath for six years straight until it was done.

It has never been surpassed.

It may be the greatest single human achievement ever when it comes to merging imagination with reality. While it was happening, from 1999-2005, Alan Moore talked about the experience quite candidly.

Well… the more you look at the real world, the more you realise that it’s just as interconnected, in just as preposterous a manner, as the fictional one you’re creating.


I have never gotten over it, because I want it to last forever. The rest of this entry will give you a massive extended dose of Alan Moore’s own thoughts about Promethea, including his admission that issue #12, seen above with the Scrabble tiles, is the cleverest thing he has ever done.

Now, I give you this.


That is the first Vs. System fantasy card of the rest of my life. Promethea will be reborn.

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