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Full Disclosure: Quinjet MEQ-022


Every man wants to drive the best vehicle in the world. If you are lucky enough to be an Avenger or a Vs. System fanatic, your desires will be fulfilled.




That is the original Vs. System Quinjet. It did not see much play, but when I was surfing around to research this preview above all previews, thanks to Adam “Flashback81” Kirkby, I realized that it is already immortal.

On the gamefaqs forums, I found a treasure. See, the Marvel Trading Card video game includes Vs. System puzzles. Much like my Barn Door Challenges and Flashback81’s brain teasers back in the glory days, you must use your wits to solve some of the most entertaining dilemmas using our beloved cards. This one actually demands the searching and usage of Quinjet:




1) Recruit APE X, place front row, choose QUINJET.
2) Recruit NATASHA ROMANOFF, say YES to putting another card in resource row and place ANY CARD except LEGENDARY BATTLES or QUINJET, place NATASHA in any row.
3) Recruit THERMITE, say YES to putting another card in resource row and place whichever card you have left besides LEGENDARY BATTLES or QUINJET, place THERMITE in either row.
5) Equip QUINJET to any of your attackers.

Pass until COMBAT PHASE.

1) Team attack MR. FANTASTIC with APE X, NATASHA ROMANOFF, and THERMITE don’t finish out attack chain stop passing when your attackers exhaust.
2) Play LEGENDARY BATTLES and advance attack chain.
3) Trigger effects in any order, select INVISIBLE WOMAN, say YES to stunning character.

Brilliant, magnificent fun. That, however, is not the reason you are here. Is it? No, you want to see one of the lost MEQ prize cards. Your wish is my command.


Wow. What a powerhouse. The best vehicle ever printed. The most brain-bursting possiblities that Vs. System has ever seen. Each attack, on both sides of the board, will never be the same. I can move any number of dudes? And give them flight and reinforcement to boot? Can you say “Coast City”? Yes please.

Quinjet, Mighty Machine, you remind me so much of Rocket Racer. And that, of course, reminds me of…


…  the single sickest deck in Vs. System history.

Click that link and fly with me back to the Random Punks Greatest Hits. Imagine the infinite possibile destinations that we can visit in our new Quinjet. Then take a deep breath and hit the comment section so we can groove on our new ride. It’s a great day to be alive, especially for us Vs. System fanatics.

(And tomorrow gets even better with another exclusive Lost MEQ preview on the Orange Soda Man’s blog. Check it check it out!)


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The Watchmen Lost Their Squid.

A man with the actual name “Orlando Parfitt” is reporting a bit of a spoiler for the Watchmen movie, although anyone who would not want to know has surely heard by now.


The Huge, Annoying Tentacles that unite the world at the end of the Watchmen graphic novel? Toast.

Personally, I am bummed. Mostly because of my affinity for drippy trippy squippy things. A comment on the Newsarama announcement of this development contained a sentiment that sums up my remorse.

Spaz_Monkey wrote:

To be fair, the Squid Monster has a definite “Georgia O’Keefe” feel to it, if you know what I mean. I dunno how well that would be translated in the movie.

Spaz Monkey may be correct about the difficulty of filming such a thing, and it would have been tough to get past an “R” rating if they did it right, but I sure would have enjoyed it. Alas, no O’Keefe squidstuff for us. Back to Orlando Parfitt’s interview, shall we?

The big question: What have you got against the squid?!

Zack Snyder: I had a bad calamari experience as a child! Look I’ve got nothing against the squid. When I sat down with the studio and talked about the film, we had to make a decision about what stuff we included and what stuff we wouldn’t. For me Watchmen is all about the characters, whereas if we included the squid, I would have to illustrate it in the story and cut out some of the character. So I wanted more character and less story.

So we came up with something else – no-one knows yet what we’ve done but we hope it’s similar in philosophy to the ending of the graphic novel. I mean the end is all about taking a superhero all the way – you know it’s the bad guy who is the one who wants world peace. It’s a moral dilemma for all the characters involved.

Dave Gibbons: The tone of the graphic novel – the message, the moral ambiguity – has still been left intact. Also it’s not a squid; it’s a fifth dimensional phalymapod!

Fifth dimensional phalymapod, world uniting squid, whatever you want to call it, it is out. Oh well, at least we still have the squishy stuff in Hellboy.



Finally, for anyone who is seriously bummed out about this inglorious removal of tentacles, just wait until you see how much they need to change when they adapt Alan Moore’s Promethea.

Somehow, we adjust.


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Zinco Epilogue: Kroenen is Back! (Spoiler from Hellboy 2 DVD.)


I have been bountifully blessed in my life, and one of the most satisfying connections ever made is between me and Hellboy. That screenshot is from an article I wrote on the mothership. Yes, I had the ultimate privilege of introducing the world to the Vs. System cardboard incarnation of Karl Ruprecht Kroenen.


The Essential Hellboy Collection remains the single greatest trading card game achievement in all of human history, in my humble opinion. It is increasingly rare, yet still can be found in a few places. If you have forgotten the guts of the thing, the entire interactive card list is available on Universe.


That is the combination I am dreaming of since The Leapfrog has been revealed, and the Zinco Epilogue gives strong hints about the potential return of Kroenen to the multiplex.

Before we get to that, I have one bit of advice. Watch Hellboy 2 with the Brightness on your TV turned all the way up. There is so much more detail in the costumes and sets that emerges if you can see it all. Honestly, the film is 144% better with maximum Brightness.

Slight spoiler to follow…

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army can be purchased in a Collector’s Edition that includes the alternate ending that never got filmed, in animated comic form. It rocks Karl Ruprecht Kroenen back to life, yes it does.

I, for one, hope that this signals a return of our favorite clockwork villain in the third film.

When I surfed around to find out more about this development, I found a sweet home for the inside dope on the evolving Hellboy mythos.  And I deeply dug the blurb detailing the villain star of the Zinco Epilogue.

Roderick Zinco is a billionaire who joined a secret society, THE WOTANIC CIRCLE, in order to gain access to the equipment that brought Hellboy into the world, equipment that promises a limitless source of energy.  Zinco’s journey to Hell through the picture is the classic cautionary horror story of “be careful what you wish for.”  He is the canvas upon which Rasputin’s evil is traced.

Wow. To be the “canvas upon which Rasputin’s evil is traced”.  Nice work if you can get it. Sounds about like the evil I plan to unleash with my Plague of Leapfrogs deck.  Care to help me trace?


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