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My Life is Blessed Constantly by Magnificent Synchronicity.

BREAKING NEWS: Mike Watt sent me an email, with that amazing photograph. In case you don’t know Mike Watt, he is only the greatest bass player who ever lived. If you have been here a while, you have seen me blog about him before.

This was the spiel. Remember what Vs. System card we just previewed, and connect the dots…

hey, my old friend nanny works at a children’s zoo here in pedro and animal control brought her two squirrels they found over on fifteenth street that fell out of their nest in a tree. they’re baby albino ones – very rare, maybe three weeks old! their nails felt trippy on my hand and they were very friendly for being wild… it was hard to get this shot cuz I’m not left-handed but I just went for it…


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Squirrelly Squeals of Joy.


Pardon me while I zizzer with anticipation.  My eyes are all orange with the scent of a certain bushy tail on the horizon. 

The Deranged Hermit is from the other game, by Kev  Walker.  The banner is from my old column, by Geordie Tait.  The squirrel image is from cittycat, in Germany.  I photoshopped the tree rat with the Extrude filter, after duplicating the layer, with size 9 blocks at the maximum 255 depth, then erased back to the squirrel underneath.  I also added some serious Saturation.  Now, back to my zizzering.  Be well.

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