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The Best Writing I Have Ever Found.










by Revd. MC 900ft. Escher and Irrevd. Hacksaw.

(It takes a securely skewed stance, and a slight saugagery of the synapses, but this is it. The best writing I have ever found. We will start with The Fool, since I just pulled it for myself.)


The Major Discordia


An Erisian Tarot

–>”Big weighties”

Here are the descriptions for the Major Discordia, the top 22 philosophical constructs that were too big, too weighty, or just the wrong shape, to fit into the regular, mundaner suits. Have at. If you look carefully, you will see a bald eagle eating a small politician.

The Sucker

@c 0 FOOL @section Fool: Legionnaire of Dynamic Discord / Little Deluded Dupe @c Two half-figures playingcard facecard-style @c joined, one with L of D D on the front of his shirt/uniform, and the @c other just now noticing L D D on the back of his, KICK ME -style.

“We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

Pogo, Walt Kelly

“The danger is obvious in that the hero generally makes an apparently quite trivial mistake and then must make extraordinary efforts to save himself from the effects of these few trivial errors. One more wrong step and all would have been lost.”

Hidden Symbolism of Alchemy and the Occult Arts, Herbert Silberer

“I never studied Law!”

Bugs Bunny, not following the law of gravity

Young farmhand called to service beats his plowshare into a sword (and, afterward, beats it back). Disorder erupts, and mountains are no longer mountains, never were. But first, at the very breaking of the dawn of the breaking: this. Who the adventure is about to happen to.

Come spring, motivated zoners trickle out of the stonework, handing out religious tracts to streetcorner passersby. Another threshold, the first blaze after eclipse totality. Those ecstatics so affected may become the wards of the church or state…

But everybody’s getting a little cabin feverish, restless, reckless. Time for spring tonics, spring cleaning, spring-in-one’s-step. When the ice breaks: molasses blood thins and flows. Allow it a little longer to reach the brain.

The foolishness could be just a minor blind spot, the unexpected may be well nigh unexpectable.

No shame.

DivMean: Regarding a material question, foolishness (no, really, run-of-the-mill foolishness). Regarding a spiritual question, aspiration. (Another reason not to waste the tarot’s time.)

Revd: Delusions of grandeur, e.g. Fool as materia prima, yeahyeah, rahrahrah. You were thinking maybe undyed silk, uncarved block, fashionably rustic? Consider the elemental/excremental shit-and-piss chaos where worlds hatch and howl, terra foetida, rotting compost, an artist’s pottagey oil paints, a contemplation so acute in its melancholy as to be redeemed in creation through sheer force of longing — alchemical putrefactio, nasty enough that it’s a bit of a curveball already that anything can be wrought therein?

Which reminds me, there’s something to be said for reading the Tarot trumps as a countdown, 21 to 0, the Fool being where one finally loses some of that egregious garbage. “Take off, eh?”



(Now the Nine of Cups, the last card I pulled today.)

Goldfish of Water Coolers

“There’s no governor anywhere.”

Chuang Tzu

“By doing something incomprehensible, you place yourself outside their magic, and then they lose control.”

Andrea Juno (interviewing Boyd Rice), Re/Search #11: Pranks

“We’ve got the second law of thermodynamics on our side!”

Discordian proverb rallying cry

“‘Tis an ill wind that blows no minds.”

Sri Syadasti, quoted by Eris in Principia Discordia, Malaclypse the Younger, K.S.C.

“If the telephone rings today….. water it!”

Rev. Thomas, Gnostic, N.Y.C. Cabal

Innocent pure radiant ecstatic gentle weirdness. Uncommodifiable revolution. Shenanizens. More like “reversing authority” than “Authority Reversed.” Not: being in contention with Authority; just, by declaration: there is no authority. “Okay. Poof! You’re a milkshake!” Greyface made wheyfaced? Just letting the wheel stop here, thank you.

DivMean: Meditative second-nature spontaneous curious liberation. Complete lovable playful happiness. Spiritual wellness. Some egocentrism? Well, without which not! A consistent foolishness is the harpsichord of surreal minds.

In all likelihood, the ‘reaubot is acting stupid as a coping mechanism — that stuff eats them, too.  The bureaucrat is the gander for which Discordianism is both the goose and sauce. Hint: puppeteer them with your knowledge of their stimulus/response tables. Be anything they don’t have a standard procedure for — or, conversely, be multiple things they have contradictory standard procedures for. Render unto Caesar that which will blow Caesar’s mind, and snatch some official-document rubberstamps while you’re there.

Revd: spectacular, fiery, pleasantly nihilist, violent, vivid insurrection. The pursuit of Liberté! Loyal beloved comrades, mystic guerilla chanting, occult daggers, red flowing silk, black flowing ninjas, erotic midnight conspiring, psychoactives on wheels – on horseback.

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Expanding Promethea.



Those are three of the original construction sketches from the Promethea cold-cast statue. I found it on the blog of J.H. Williams III, and the originals are for sale in his store if you have the cash for the ultimate holiday gift.

The structure of the Promethea myth lends itself very directly to a set of Vs. System cards. It has enough dense source material that it could actually become an entire expansion set. It also opens the doors of perception for crazed creativity.

We got this brilliant nudge in the comments, from I Avian:

Promethea is genuinely fantastic work of art. Moore did things with words and pictures that you simply could not do in any other medium.

Suggestion for the fan set: Plot Twists for each of the Tarot Cards, Locations for each of the Sephiroth, and Equipment cards for each of the Magical Tools. (Even if they’re only metaphorical locations and items… maybe even a “symbol” keyword?)

That’s why I love this community so much. You guys always stretch my limits and take me places that I might not have found without you.

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Thursday Thirteen: The Magick Returns.


You’ve heard me ramble quite often about the Chaos Magician trip.  One of the main ways it pops up in our life?  Random delayed exposure.  In this case, I finally picked up a copy of a comic book called “The Marvel Tarot”.  It’s a beautiful thing.  Deep, chewy arcane knowledge combined with superhero mythological pop goodness?  I doesn’t get any better than that.  Topaz as Temperance?  Yes please.  Does anybody know if Storm’s latent High Priestess powers have manifested yet?

The book has been in circulation since Summer Solstice 2007, a full nine months ago.  The time was finally right last night.  As always, it was perfect timing.  The great work is entering a new phase for us, and this was a sign.

I wrote a Thursday Thirteen explaining the basics of Tarot back in December.  Today I am going to put forth a set of magick goalposts for the next step in our ritualistic lifestyle.

1. Embrace the dazzling vigor of electrical existence, and cast off the gremlins of comfortable numbness.

2. Feel each cell in the current body, as it throbs and thrives.

3. Share the glow with everyone on Earth, directly through the sky.

4. Stop settling for less just because it is routine.

5. Focus on the HIGHEST common denominator.

6. Feel everything fully, instead of thinking about it possessively.

7. More punk rock.

8. Balance all four corners.

9. Unfocus the eyes, and see with the heart.

10. Follow the little tickle that is only found inside a living human brain.

11.  Realize that the tickle is available every moment between birth and death.

12.  Get it down, and display it for others.

13.  Don’t stop for anything.

There you go.   A new set of flexible rules in our house.  Make a list of yours, and link them to: www.thursdaythirteen.com  The magick is always ready to return, you only need to ask.


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Thursday Thirteen: Secrets of the Tarot.

2swords 2wands 2disks 2cups

(The wild deuces of the Rider Waite traditional deck from http://facade.com/tarot/)

Tarot cards are a little set of symbols that have brought big fun to my life.  Their origin is a bit hazy, and the controversy surrounding them is plain crazy, but they are undoubtedly one of the premiere sources for distilled archetypes of the human condition.  Today I will give you a short introduction in 13 chunks.

1. Tarot uses numbers as symbols.  The twos I used for the opening illustration for example?  Well, what does a two feel like to you?  A relationship?  A difficult decision?  A matched pair?  Every number is charged with a parallel meaning, and every individual can figure it out in a personal way.

2. Swords are thoughts.  We think, therefore we are.  Our mental faculties often get the better of us.  The swords of Tarot focus on the immaterial, cold, calculating processes of the brain.

3. Wands are impulses.  We are willful creatures.  We want.  We have urges.  We enforce our power over others.  We dominate the world around us.  The wands bring our hammer down.

4. Disks are physical.  We are born of the Earth, and we return to the Earth, and in between we play with stuff.  Material blessings and curses are represented by disks.

5. Cups are feelings.  We get swept away by emotion.  The cup is full, the cup is empty, and our heart washes back and forth along with it.

6.  As a basic set of symbols, Tarot can be customized.  One of my favorite decks is the William Blake Tarot, by Ed Buryn.  Ed is the coolest of people, he used to live here in Miami, and he translated the traditional suits like this: Swords = Science.  Wands = Poetry.  Disks = Painting.  Cups = Music.

7.  There are some exquisite decks out there.  We adore the artistic interpretation involved in an original version of the Tarot, and every year there are whole new sets of eye candy to wallow in while we randomize the symbols into timeless truths.

8.  Tarot is copyright free.  I like this one a whole lot.  Whoever invented Tarot did it before the age of greed.  And it turned into the 52 card deck of playing cards we use for Poker and Crazy Eights, which is also copyright free.  Lovely.

9.  Someday I will create my own version.  It may not happen soon, or it may be my next project, but I will complete the exercise.  Maybe a superhero version, maybe modern movies, maybe pure metaphysical symbolism.  When it grabs me and sweeps me away, it will be done.

10.  Tarot creates a new profound poetry every time we spread the cards.  We don’t use it to tell the future or to uncover secrets.  We use it for customized interpretations of our place in the Universe.  It is a set of symbols that combines to speak.  Like everything else in life, you can hear it as a wonderful song or as incohesive noise.

11.  Tarot gives people an excuse to believe in magick.  You fake it until you make it.  And then it is as real as anything else.

12.  Tarot trains the brain to see symbolism in every phenomenon.  I love living like that.  Imagine what it would be like to receive enlightened wisdom from a random rock on the side of the road.  There is deep meaning all around us, since all meaning comes from within.

13.  Tarot gave me something to Thirteen!  The number 13 card of the Major Arcana in Tarot is about fresh starts.  Since it is the last entry on today’s list, I guess I better go figure out what I can start up brand new for the first time.   If it is something I can share with you, I will use it for next week’s Thursday Thirteen.  See you then.


That’s the 14, sometimes called Art.  Create your own translation from one dimension to another, number it to thirteen, post it on Thursday, and link it here: http://thursdaythirteen.com/


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Reverse Gardening.


(the 15, from the William Blake Tarot by Ed Buryn)

I love me some Tarot cards.  Not for predicting the future or fleecing the unwashed masses, but for playing with my own spiritual tuning fork.  Somewhere in the distant past, some uncredited humans devised a series of symbols and put them on cardboard.  These symbols are brilliantly crafted, they capture 78 archetypical conditions of life and loving.  Since we are on the fifteenth question today, we will examine the 15… traditionally called The Devil.

The William Blake Tarot is one of my favorite sets, for many reasons.  The interpretation book that is included in the box set is the best I have ever read, and I have read at least twenty.  Blake was a bird of my feather, and Ed Buryn expands his mythos and madness to become a modern mash-up of power and poetry.  Ed calls the 15 “Error”, which explains the Garden of Eden.  As soon as we identify “error” in life, the moment we say to ourselves “Something is wrong here.”, then we are banished to a world of perceived sin. 

Seems pretty obvious to me: Adam and Eve accepted life as it is… until that rotten apple called judgement choked them out of paradise.

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