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Killer Twilight Art.


Surfing around for more Twilight vampire baseball action, I stumbled upon Exena Designs. There is an entire set of gorgeous graphic design tribute pieces sitting there on flickr waiting for you to wiggle your teeth into, all bizarrely captioned and explained with an exotic Spanish accent.


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Twilight Review: Baseball with Bite.


Twilight was very entertaining, especially when they played superpowered vampire baseball.

The movie is a cross between Stigmata and Beverly Hills 90201.

The grainy MTV cinematography really works.

The bedroom scene was exceedingly hot, and a perfect portrayal of young lust taking control of the human heart.

The first twenty minutes is a truly gripping tale of the harsh reality of high school intensity.

The gazebo scene near the end was surreal campy sweetness.

The verdict? Two fangs up. We honestly dug it.


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