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Tiny Treasure Hunt: Stu’s New Game.


Nina and I have played this game every night for a week.  Seriously, we have.

The person who can answer these questions first wins any three rares in my possession that do not fit in my weenie decks. Ready, set, Unicorn!

1. What is the name of the game?

2. Why is that the perfect opening hand?

3. What characters did Ulysses become to win the game on turn three?

4. What is that on the wall behind the cards?

5. What is that Pandora thing all about?

6. What’s up with the juxtaposed images? It was not done with Photoshop, so how did the Unicorns get on the Pandora screen?

Go get ’em, Zebra.


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The Deep Woods of Summer.

Hello my friends, long time no see.  I have been mad busy, with no access to the interwebs at home.   The video game design course I am teaching starting Monday promises to be amazing summer fun, and I will be able to keep you updated soon.  For now, I leave you with a real Unicorn friend that was discovered in Italy to keep you company.  Happy Summer!

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