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Weekly Wonder Word: Center.


(Center of Hope by Sweet Pandemonium.)

The best part of teaching every day? Giving advice to growing minds that I need to follow myself.

When life gets sloppy and scary, remember your center. Things spin slower in there.

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Weekly Wonder Word: Persevere.


(Wicked cool airbrush by chop.)

I am getting a bad feeling about the New Era in Vs. System. The forums are showing me that human nature is a hard habit to break. I will carry on no matter what, and maybe we can bust a miracle this time.

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Weekly Wonder Word: Crossroads.


Time for a new tradition. Every Wednesday at this time, I will search a random word on www.deviantart.com and display the artwork that hits closest to home.

Today’s word is “Crossroads”. You can find the artist who touched my heart with terrifyingly synchronistic memories by clicking right here.

Enjoy the view, I know I sure did.

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