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Check. This. Out.



Soon there will be high quality cardboard versions of Jessica Alba and Wesley Snipes to flip on our kitchen tables. I kid you not.

We have breaking news.

Upper Deck will release the Marvel Superstars TCG, a new game based on the Marvel Universe as envisioned by the movies, in February. This will be the first time that the movies, including Iron Man, Hulk, Fantastic Four, the X-Men Trilogy, the Blade Trilogy and others, will interact with each other in a Marvel game.

A Starter Deck will be the first release, followed a few weeks later by the Booster Packs. Approximately 300 cards will be released in the first set.

Each player chooses to become a classic Marvel hero or villain, then constructs a team to defeat the opponent.

Upper Deck will be hosting demos using a beta version of the game at Gen Con this week.

This is a shock. It is the most thrilling curveball I can imagine for the future funfest to be called the Marvel Superstars Trading Card Game. My heart just jumped out of my chest and landed on the Silver Surfer’s board, only to be grabbed by Anna Paquin and absorbed into nothingness.

What. A. Stunner.


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Loeb Confirms Red She-Hulk.


Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness are the madmen at Marvel Comics responsible for the consciousness-altering reality of the Red Hulk. Today at Comic-Con 2009 they admitted that the redness is spreading.

It seems that Domino and X-Force will soon be involved in unraveling the secret of the Red Hulk.  Jennifer Walters goes lobster in the process.

Loeb said this about the new hotness:

Ed did the design, but Ian Churchhill certainly made it his own. The two of them sent stuff back and forth until everyone was happy. Ed’s big contribution to it was that he wanted this big, long, flowing mane of hair that was black and had a red streak in it – sort of like the Bride of Frankenstein. It makes her look super cool. We worked a long time on what it is that she wears because we didn’t want her to be wearing what Jen wears, and we didn’t want her to be wearing a white torn shirt. What she has on is very specific. 

Her personality is unique and somewhat new to the Hulk mythos. We’re having an enormous amount of fun with her.

 The images that were released along with the announcement provide an enormous amount of fun for the rest of us as well, and we cannot wait to see the Red She-Hulk in person.



One more tease: Marvel is starting plans for a Hulk family crossover called “World War Hulks”. Large times ahead.


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X-Babies Go Zombie, Wolverine Appreciates Art, and Maybe More Squirrel Girl.


That little bag of treats will be available from Marvel Comics in October. X-Babies in the flesh. And, in case that is not sweet enough for you, there will also be a Zombie Babies variant cover. Image not available, artist to be announced, thrill already engaged.



Remember the Wolverine fine artist riffs? October sees them all in one place. Break out the wine and cheese. It’s a beautiful thing.

Deadpool #900 is a Giant-Sized tribute to the coolest walking hamburger patty of all time. As if he could try to hide it, some of the solicitation seems to say Squirrel Girl:

Wade bares his soul (and a lot more) to a shrink who’s got major squirrels in his own attic.

Could that mean more Doreen Green? Remains to be seen.

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Save-It Saturday: X-Babies Attack!


That is the card that I never imagined would be printed. The final card in the final official expansion set. Here follows the article that inspired its appearance in reality.


Risk Vs. Reward: X-Babies Attack!
By Rian Fike

Marvel Legends fulfills quite a few fanboy desires, not the least of which is a major upgrade in the power level of the X-Men. The new mutants are mighty good, especially the little ones.

Forty long months I have been patiently waiting for Domino in our game. When it comes to the mythological ladies, she is just my type: high contrast, luck based, and nearly impossible to kill. Now we get to turn her sideways Vs. System style, thanks to a 1-drop with a freaky little ability. Big fun comes in small cardboard packages.


Our tiny new Domino packs a large punch with her recovery ability, but you need to be rather odd to use it. Before we talk about where she will take us in the game, let’s see where she came from in the myths.


Neena Thurman plays well with others, but most of the time, she is a freelance mercenary. Domino is an independent artist, and her medium is murder. She was born as a custom-engineered biological killing machine. Project Armageddon created her as a deadly human hybrid. The hideous experiment was an attempt to manufacture the perfect weapon. X genes were exploited with disastrous results.

Neena was one of only two surviving test organisms. Chalk-white skin, awesome black eye-patch, and the uncanny ability to be in exactly the right place at the right time. She was rescued from the nefarious laboratory and placed safely in a nurturing monastery to grow up. Domino eventually emerged into adult life and became a dynamite addition to the X-Force.


As a member of Cable’s Six-Pack, the black-and-white hottie could really save the bacon when necessary. Her mutant abilities kick in subconsciously when she is in a dangerous situation. Domino cannot specifically control her luck powers the same way Longshot can, but when she is around, things always fall into place.

In Vs. System, that means she can keep herself and Cable flipped face-up at the beginning of the recovery phase every turn. There is only one catch. Your deck must have a built-in oddness about it. Check out Domino’s text:

Domino, Neena Thurman

Cost: 1

Team Affiliation: X-Men

Whenever a Cable or Domino you control becomes stunned, reveal the top card of your deck. If its cost is odd, recover that character at the start of the recovery phase this turn.

2 ATK / 1DEF

My personal oddness often revolves around 1-cost Vs. System characters, and now they fulfill Domino’s board-maintaining probability powers. Before we jump into the construction of a deck to showcase this former test-tube baby, let’s look back at a list that caused some serious wailing at Pro Circuit Indianapolis 2007. We can use it as a basic template.


Phou Phommavong

5th place on Day 1, 21st overall

Pro Circuit Indianapolis 2007


14 Kree Soldiers

3 Owen Mercer ◊ Captain Boomerang Jr., Prodigal Son

2 Faust

3 Technocrat

1 Thunder, Anissa Pierce

1 Halo

1 Wylde

4 Kimiyo Hoshi ◊ Dr. Light, Sunburst

Plot Twists

4 Booze Elementals

4 Forged in Crisis

4 Batman and the Outsiders

4 Truth and Justice

4 Recruiting Drive

3 Poker Night


3 Hala

1 New Baxter Building


3 Ego Gem

1 Reality Gem

Phou’s metagame masterpiece took our beloved Kim Hoshi to a place that I was not sure she could go, and it will remain forever as an inspiration to weenie lovers worldwide. It serves up a swarm of 1-cost characters to fuel the blinding glory of the female Dr. Light and her Outsiders tricks. Let’s translate it into baby talk using only Marvel Legends cards.


X-Babies Attack!


12 Multiple Man, Army ◊ Madrox

4 Domino

4 Cable, Nathan Summers

4 Wolverine, Logan

1 Jubilee, Mallrat

1 Shadowcat, Phase Shifter

1 Blink

1 Nightcrawler, Man of the Cloth

1 Bishop, Time Cop

Plot Twists

4 Bodyslide

4 Mobilize

4 Fastball Special

3 Battle Tactics

3 Healing Factor

3 Berserker Rage

3 Sneak Attack

3 Adamantium Claws

2 Overwhelming Force


2 Xavier’s Institute of Higher Learning

Phou’s OutSoldiers deck uses Kree Soldiers as fodder for a team-attacking character advantage. X-Babies are going Madrox. Multiple Man is back with a printed X-Men affiliation, and he loves him some Fastball Special. The OutSoldiers bounce guys back to hand to fill the red card requirements of the focus on swarming. X-Babies will rely on recovery to keep the characters on the table each turn. Phou’s win condition was total board control with Kim Hoshi. Domino is aiming for beatdown and burn with Bodyslide.

Cable is a perfect fit for the X-Babies deck. He appeared as an infant in Cable and Deadpool #7, and he has a sweet little 3-drop that rocks. Here is his heated text:

Cable, Nathan Summers

Cost: 3

Team Affiliation: X-Men

When Cable enters play, target opponent loses 1 endurance for each X-Men character you control.

5ATK / 4 DEF



With a mom like Madelyne Pryor, it was inevitable that Nathan Summers would come out looking good. Cyclops is his father, so you know he is a gifted child. Marvel Legends gives Cable his eagerly anticipated Vs. System debut. Bodyslide makes him an intriguing addition to any deckbuilder’s repertoire.


Plot Twist

Cost: 3

Play only if you control Cable.

Remove target non-stunned character you control from the game. Its owner puts it into play at the start of your next attack step.

That means that Cable, Nathan Summers could swerve out of the game during the draw phase and allow another copy to be recruited. If his playmates have formed a kiddie six-pack to greet him, he will burn for 7. Then the fresh copy can Bodyslide out and return at the beginning of your attack step with its temporal twin. The first copy grabs another 7 opposing endurance, followed by 8 more from its parallel partner. That’s hot stuff.


In the myths, Cable can slip in and out of time. He spends his days trying to save the world by altering history. That is a sticky business, but it allows more costume changes than any comic book character I can think of. Whenever and wherever Cable shows up, he is always sporting a sharp new outfit.

There are only six cards in the X-Babies deck that have an even cost, so Domino will be a near lock to get lucky. The new Battle Tactics that the X-men have been given are like a turbo-charged Combat Protocols, and they cost 2. Overwhelming Force allows the team-attacking toddlers to remain unstunned, also at a cost of 2. The single copy of Bishop, Time Cop is the 4-drop babysitter. If you let Bishop try the Bodyslide, the kids will laugh their way around the table screaming “+4 ATK!” for the whole turn.


No X-Babies deck would be complete without a little Wolverine. The Logan version is back in Marvel Legends, and for a 3-drop, he is a really big boy. Scruffy may actually become the favorite win condition of the deck. He has some major ATK pumps that last an entire turn. The nursery includes toys that keep him from being stunned, recover him when he is, and ready him for a fur-flying finish. A small set of adamantium fingernails are poised to rip big holes in opposing characters and endurance totals. Wolverine’s Berserker Rage is about to arrive as a viable Vs. System strategy, and the X-Babies deck is only the beginning.

I have no idea how well the tiny tikes will hold up against proven classic decks. I can’t tell if there will be equally massive forces to oppose as the other new Marvel Legends creations crawl from the incubator. The only way to find out will be to build the deck and give it a go. I leave the little mutant rug rats with you now so that you can help me test them. We will say goodbye with a quote from Cable himself. When Nathan Summers revived Apocalypse in order to unite the X-Men against a common enemy, everyone called him crazy. His response?

“The risks are worth the rewards.”

Rian Fike is also known as stubarnes and he has a kitchen table in his crib. If you do some testing with the X-Babies in your playpen, send the results to fullbodytransplant@dadeschools.net

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Vote Squirrel Girl. Vote Now.


Good morning, I hope the world is treating you. Today I have a tiny favor to ask.

If you get a free minute, please Click This Link and vote for Squirrel Girl on Comic Book Resources. That website is a great place to wallow in the modern myths called comic books. The poll is a strictly unscientific popularity contest, and Doreen Green is one of the candidates.

Vote Squirrel Girl. Vote now.

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Tell Me About Marvel Ultimate Alliance.





That’s the thing I most look forward to, now that I am in possession of a copy of Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

What else should I expect?


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Sunday Mandala: Spider-Man So Silky and Smooth.



I know it is Wolverine’s big weekend, but Spidey slung some seriously sweet stuff our way on Saturday and now I just found him randomizing this week’s Sunday Mandala with a necktie listing on ebay. Wipe the web off your face and let me explain.



Jango Fett posted a thread on dot org listing a few decks he needed to liquidate. I was lucky enough to plant a claim on the single coolest stall concoction I have ever seen. Here is the list, what should we call it?

4x Aunt May-Golden Oldie (1 Foil)
4x Black Cat- Nine Lives (All EA)
4x Spider-Man- Ultimates (Foil)
4x Spider-Man- The Sensational Spider-Man (3 Slider Version, 1 Foil)
1x Spider-Man- Zombie (Foil)
4x Spider-Man- Alien Symbiote (3 Foil)
3x Spider-Man- Outlaw
4x Scarlet Spider-Ben Reilly (All Foil)
3x Spider-Man- Stark’s Protege (All EA)
1x Spider-Man- Cosmic Spider-Man (Foil Alternate Art)
1x The Sentry- Golden Guardian of Good
1x Galactus-Devourer of Worlds

Plot Twists:
4x Indebted (1 Foil)
4x Gift Wrapped
4x Spider Senses (1 Foil)
4x Spider-Signal

3x Empire State University (1 Foil)
4x New Baxter Building (All EA)

3x Ego Gem (All EA)



 I asked Jango to give me a quick instruction manual on how to play the thing. You know me, I have never stalled in my life. Here follows his brilliant basics. I especially adore the draw engine.



The general idea is to draw most of your deck and brick everything the opponent does until you Galactus him.

The mulligan condition is Black Cat, Ego Gem, or New Baxter Building. I’m assuming you know how the draw engine works, so you just do that every turn for tons of cards in hand.




The ideal play goes like this. (You want evens. It doesn’t really change how you play, but if your opponent has Galactus too, then you still end up with all the life on 9.)

1: Aunt May for a free Spidey.
2: Black Cat with Ego Gem. Start drawing.
3: Spidey Ultimates. I usually save the web counters till turn 5 or so, because you probably won’t lose a character before that.
4: The Sensational Spider-Man.
5: Alien Symbiote: you can use all the extra Spidey’s you’ve probably drawn to pump the 5 drop to gigantic proportions.



 (Editor’s Note: I totally love the idea of the Alien Symbiote swelling with counters, but I am adding one Secret Avenger in case I face a hot little honey named Zazz or something. Now back to the tutorial.)

6: Spidey Outlaw: I would use the 6 from Marvel Knights because he is AMAZING, but that requires Clone Saga, which takes up needed space, so outlaw is the next best thing. You can play Scarlet Spider, but then you don’t get web counters, plus you would need another one in your hand to clone on 7.
7: Stark’s Protege: Yet more stalley goodness.
8: If you have evens, then Cosmic Spidey is your preferred drop, because then you can use your probably massive board to smack up your opponent. If you have odds, the Sentry plus Stark’s Protege means you don’t need to worry about much. Plus by this point you would have gone through at most 42 cards ( With Black cat, Ego Gem, and Baxter up and running on turn 2, more if you also got ESU as well) so you would have a mit full of pumps.
9: Galactus: Play him and the game is probably yours. There isn’t much anyone can do at this point, because you can exhaust every single 9 drop ever made with your 7 and 8.

You need Scarlet Spider by turn 4 to clone Spider-Man. Other than that, you use the web counters you get every turn with the Ultimates Spidey, the 4 drop and gift wrapped to make your opponent angry. The you brick everything with Spider Senses and Spider-Signal.

I had tons of fun with this deck. It’s interesting to see what your opponent tries to do, because they usually only have 1 character to attack with!


So there you have it. Stu soon stalls, and our particular kitchen table world will never be the same.




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Wolverine is a Gamer?


It sure looks like Wolverine shares our love of cardboard competition.

Thanks to Alan “cassius335” Wilkinson for such a snarling sporting event.

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New Wolverine Cards.


In honor of Ricky Nolasco’s unhittable high heat on Opening Day, Sean “The Baldman” Marinelli gives us a new take on the Fastball Special.

Then Alan “cassius335” Wilkinson makes us say Oh My!


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More Fantasy Cards, More Fine Art, More Wolverine.



The Dead Man Logan on top is another creation by cassius335, and the Surrealist Loganscape is by banstylejbo. Wicked sick tricks, eh?

In case the creative wizards among us need some more ingredients to whip up this virutal cardboard alchemy of ours, I will now post the remaining Wolverine variant covers that Marvel Comics is unveiling this month. Dive in.







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First Wolverine Fine Art Vs. System Fan Card.


You heard that correctly. Our latest Wolverine card, by the brilliant cassius335, is chopping off no less than three brand new keywords.

It is music to my other ear. How about yours?


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Pocket Fighter vs. Marvel Super Heroes?

wolverine_pocket_fighter_style_by_jaredjlee pocket_fighter_spider_man_by_rowe the_hulk__sprite_edit_ deadpool

Pocket Fighter was always one of my all-time favorite video games. Ten years later, we see what would happen if they cut loose the Chibi on the Marvel Superheroes. Can you imagine the special moves?



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