We Did It.


(Hellboy, owning rampant annoyance, by Mike Mignola.  Want more?  Click here and here.)

It often seemed like we were up against insurmountable odds.  A community based in competition, with the evil demon called money as the main incentive, is the breeding ground for all sorts of icky attitudes and behaviors.  We held the flag of friendliness high, knowing full well it would get shot at, quite often.  Now we stand triumphant.  It feels like… victory.

And, just in case the haters followed me here, I would like to say a few words about the hippie label that will inevitably be flung in my direction.  This is not flower power, this is punk rock.

Soshi Kenpachi said it best.  Really, this is the best I have ever heard it:

There’s something beyond comprehension that takes hold of you when you take hold of your own destiny. It’s the utmost patriotism to give a rude gesture to that which is made FOR you in favor of what is made BY you.

Amen, my friend.  Revolution engaged, paradigm shift in progress, victory complete, party on, full speed ahead!


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