Watchmen Squid: The Real Ending.


If you liked the Watchmen movie, you will love the comic book. Especially the psychedelic squid; the original world-uniting custom-designed disaster that saves humanity. Take my word for it, the ending is much better on paper.



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26 responses to “Watchmen Squid: The Real Ending.

  1. Thank you for this… that squid is quite trippy looking.

  2. I love your site, FBT. Did you create the artwork you have posted here or is this a scan from the Watchmen comic? It’s very imaginative and colorful.

  3. That is a scan, the original comic has that much zap in it.

    The squid had a whole bunch of backstory characters in the Black Freighter subplot, so when they cut the pirates they had to cut the trippy stuff.


  4. doubleofive

    I never read the comics and didn’t care for the movie, but I think the world uniting against an alien threat makes a lot more sense than the world uniting against the guy who was keeping them safe up until earlier that morning.

  5. I see what you mean: the squid would have been much cooler than… well, the whole movie.

  6. djkitty

    Yeah… trippy alien squid. I still stand by the movie ending as working better than tentacle-mania.

    As for the pirate side story, I’ve been told that in the super-deluxe-happy-extended DVD, it will be included.

  7. epicponyz

    Indeed. Props for posting this on my review to give people a better idea of the Comic Vs. Movie.

  8. ranmon

    Holy smokes- I was thinking the same thing doubleofive! I would more likely accept the squid thing over Manhattan being this God-being that is watching us all…

  9. Karla Keffer

    Yes indeed, those are some seriously trippy tentacles.

  10. It works fine in print, especially with the tie-in from the pirate story. But if they’d tried to do it on screen it would most likely have been laughed at.

  11. It works fine in print, especially with the tie-in from the pirate story. But if they’d tried to do it on screen it would most likely have been laughed at.

    Well said, sir. Well said.

    I love the tentacles with all my heart, but I am glad they left them on paper.

  12. stormkeeper

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, returning the favour. *s*

    I played VS. for a time, when it first came out, but it lost traction among my other addictions (MTG, L5R) and so I haven’t played it in a long time.

    Watchmen is an awesome book and a kickass movie, even without the poor nameless squid creature – look at its absence as a sign that Zack Snyder cares too much for squid to harm even a fictional one!


  13. stickyourheadout

    Very trippy! Has Snyder mentioned if this is going on the directors cut anywhere?

  14. waxydan

    I’m digging the tentacle obsession of recent posts. Include some Cthulhu love scenes and you’ll even have me subscribing.

  15. Walter Kovacs

    When they are scanning the files in the movie, the name of the plan is apparently S.Q.U.I.D.

    I saw the movie, I really liked it. I didn’t really notice the cuts until afterwards (I knew about the Black Freighter stuff, and only really remembered the Island stuff much later, didn’t miss it at all … the only thing I really “missed” was the stuff with the original Nite Owl that came later in the book).

    There is a bit of Fridge Logic involved though, mostly the element of how the story got started. [I.e. The Comedian saw the island, it was how he found out what was going on, needed to be killed, and set things in motion … there isn’t really an explanation as to how he stumbled upon the plan in the film.]

  16. The Naked Apple

    Hi Fullbody,

    Thanks for commenting on my reaction to the film.

    Glad your review made the top 100 WordPress posts… even if my own comments were a little more subversive. 😉

  17. belkisnyc

    Thanks for reminding us on what the Squid looks like. Nice to have a little flashback.

    It reminds me a lot of Cloverfield. They don’t know where it came from but that is beside the point. Just unite and kill it!

    However, I still like the movie ending because Dr. Manhattan was the reason why every country was on high alert. While USA was safe with him, the rest of the world needed something just as strong – like nuclear warheads.

  18. Danny McCaslin

    They would have needed the backstory with the artists and writers and all of that. The movie is already incredibly long.

    However, if he ever did test shots with the squid, I would love to see ’em.

  19. S A R Parker

    Thanks for the reply on my Watchmen review! Also I completely agree, the original ending was easily the better one on paper. Though I must admit, as you already know, I’m rather glad it wasnt added to the movie.

    Kudos for keeping the non-readers informed!


    thanks again, link to my watchmen review:

  20. Doug

    I understand why they changed the ending. Although it sucks, it cuts back on some time and makes more sense for people not familar with the graphic novel itself. But, here’s to hoping Snyder filmed an alternative ending.

  21. PatGelado

    Thanks for the comment. I definitely have to read the book. It’s like an urge! A must-do!!

  22. yourfriendandy

    The squid is awesome! It definitely would have looked ridiculous in the movie, though.

  23. shamilton777

    Walter Kovacs wrote – “When they are scanning the files in the movie, the name of the plan is apparently S.Q.U.I.D.”

    The SQUID Acronym also appears in the scene when Dr. Manhattan is videoconferencing with Veidt and transports the Bomb device to Antarctica. (This is the end of the weird three-way bed scene.)

    Look at the TV behind Veidt and you’ll see it for a split second. It stands for (something like) Sub Quantum Unifying Intrinsic Device…

    And when I caught it during my second viewing of the movie I laughed out loud.

  24. the ending they changed it to was better than the comic’s original ending

  25. oberonthefool

    I missed the squid also… but it would have taken another half an hour at least to shoehorn in that whole subplot in fragments between all the other scenes the way it was in the book.

  26. Schwanwald

    While I love all Lovecraftian tentacle-beasts, I agree with the above poster that, had they put an alien squid thing in the movie, everyone in the audience except the comic book fanatical purists would have laughed (or complained about them ripping off Cloverfield). That would have utterly destroyed the movie’s grim and nihilistic atmosphere.

    Dr. Manhattan, on the other hand, is already a metaphor for the nuclear threat (the whole plot about him allegedly giving people cancer, his body giving off blue Cherenkov radiation, etc.); he’s the Cold War personified, he is a superpower by itself. He became something neither the military nor politicians could control. The idea of making Dr. Manhattan the boogie man for Mankind in the movie works quite well in my opinion.

    And he’s as fitting as an “alien menace” as any fake alien would have been. He’s not human any longer, but transhuman.

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